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of a non-malignant character, they occasion no great uneasiness

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same dose be given for weeks and months, the animal acquires an initial

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disease ; in rheumatic ophthalmia ; in chronic rheumatic gout ;

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amyloid matter appears in the interstitial tissue only, never in epithelial cells,

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postive report may be made if large numbers of typical,

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and usefulness. The book opens with the usual reference, of

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kind of exertion. They are with difficulty induced to speak, and only

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regard to smallpox appears to be 50° F. When the mean falls below that

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pneumonia, as a typhoid condition in that disease may readily be mistaken

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which the patient awoke with evident distress and confusion, but

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itely sensitive to the slightest touch. Stools mainly of blood

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At the end of twelve or eighteen hours the diphtheria colonies appear as

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15 to 20 mm are desirable, such as the 19-mm test-tube

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time oi admission. Diagnosis made from tonsil by Dr. F. B. Mallory.

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spell. She gradually noticed slight increasing dyspnea, but her

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of approximately one part of cells to every three parts

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(1) Specimen collection. The "rice water" stools of cases

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to boil on contact with the first drop of persulfate solu-

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tory officer in selecting tests to be run. If two or more different

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man tube) and add 0.2 ml of the reagent. Mix immediately and

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will die, since this serum does not protect against the toxine. Therefore,

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does the profession, and especially the younger portion of it, than

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4. Headache persistent and unexplained: 1 boy 4 per cent,

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water and place in the refrigerator. When the clot has

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vacation was held at the usual place, Thursday evening, Oct. 4,

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throat or bronchial catarrh are occasionally the symptoms for which the

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tion, the serum should be removed by puncturing with a fine

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to our democratic American eyes till after we had been told who

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is indeed surprising in view of the severity of the angina. It

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oxalate mixture. Larger proportions of oxalate must

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needed for moving the bowels. While laxatives by mouth are

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not surrender till the leaven has permeated the whole lump. In

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vation for shipment is permissible. (See tables XIV and

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received into the system of the second, producing its toxic effects almost

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cepted in Germany, and daily finding more favor in this country,

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existence by degenerative changes in the renal tissue. The chronic interstitial

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a. Decrease in Volume by Evaporation. Blood, plasma,