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5th. To any one acquainted with out-patient practice at a

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also notes that the later growth of these glands is

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and thereby protecting the body. Up to the present time anti-

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definite knowledge may be obtained upon the subject

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struction in gout. There is no leukocytosis, excepting a slight temporary

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resulting from inflammations, and is much less used than it deserves to be.

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A GENERAL meeting of the Metropolitan Counties Branch

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inestimable gain. But will it not be just as certainly

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upon dogs and of subsequent clinical observations, all of

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needle instantly without exerting full pressure, an objection to

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Methods of Estimating the Blood Pressure. — There are at the present day

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New Zealand with an area of about 100,000 square miles and

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Art. II. Remarks on the Internal Use of Tincture of

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out of which each and every one of us is removed as promptly

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• Hydrocephalus protracting Labour. — Mrs. M., set. about 40, was confined

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all three groups of hospitals had about the same level of

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permission for removal is not obtained, the examination of blood

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cmi., diaphragm 5 cm. in diameter, stanniol filter. Four treat-

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ix, 200. — Porro(A.) Infecci6n paludea; fiebre remitente

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contents and Character ; but for the present would simply refer to it

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partments of civic corporations occasionally give us con-

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We s^rch ifl vai^), i^ the Historical works of Sallust, Florus and Vellerius Paluculus,

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production of the passage referred to precedes in Latin translation), still

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selves, resulting in the constant movement of a large number

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operator is available. The best operators are those of

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