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ism of the aorta, "When about 15 or 16, she contracted syphilis

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forward in the containing vessel, this force must obviously

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inated, and the liver not being able to consume it all in fat,

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good health ha- been attained. Like examples, doubtless, are

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theory of life is not entirely new. Dr. Priestley first pro-

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be continued in the smallest quantity mentioned, half a drop, for

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accord with the electrical hypothesis. The late Dr. Young,

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I have invariably adopted the position on the back, in my opera-

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The procedure, as now described, may appear not only trouble-

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tism when I first visited him. He had chills once in four hours.

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ing extent in our country, and among our people, and the

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sinplest and most certain in surgery. It is an operation never-

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inconvenience to the patient. In the process of the treatment the

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dure any operation, however painful or hazardous, to save life.

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This, then, according to the Peninsular, is to be tin 1 great result

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my sight, transformed into gas and vapor with the accumulated Dr.'s

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Although already recommended by eminent physicians of the last

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The action of the liver, as well as its abnormal condition,

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1855.] Illustration of the Treatment of Fracture*. Sd. 177

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treal ; Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Quebec, Sir

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impulses at the auriculo- ventricular valves more appreciable here.

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loosing and regaining the conciousness of directing the course of thought

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formed into carbonic acid. Xow, since carbonic acid is con-

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skin to loosen it and allow more easy approximation. Stitches

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To Sam, the largest dose given was nine hundred and ten drops

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to the ordinary fevers of this section of country, to which none are so liable

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to what does all this amount, if it fails to establish the identity of

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between and beyond the first pair of legs, will sufficently iden-

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Artiele II. — Selections from Surgical Notes. By Prof. Guitn.

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extended by the railroad employes, and even by the customs offi-

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which bursting out in the explosion struck Mr. Beal in the left side below

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' The Faculty of every regular constituted Medical College, or char-

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of the profession, is, in our humble opinion, much better skilled in

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paper, as the best for a very large majority of the cases of this in-