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curare dans le traitement de I'fepilepsie. Ibid., 1884,
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be a serious menace to the public health. Atlee (4) has pointed out
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ments the study of the stercorine in the blood has not been attempted ; and
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tured one patella ; then rose and stumbled, falling again
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this case the diagnosis was not very difficult, although the medical
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ciple, Atropine, and various other remedies used for coughs and
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nobly to obtain them. " In darkness and ignorance," he wrote,
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solicitude and careful study on our part As this mor-
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drops of water heated over a match. In the ease of a patient seventy-eight
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reactions in those muscles connected with the healthy part of
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$5.00 cash in advance. "A student of medicine and sur-
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tion of this conduct, and propose to join in a limited sub-
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and there may be a difference of 20 or more. This is due to the fact
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above as far as the rectus, below to the deep shelving of Poupart's
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the exanthematous fevers, viz., none to small-pox and five
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given time. The broader a woman's horizon, the better it will
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evidence of increased functional activity of the thyroid and the precursor
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less construction, resulted in the death of the patient ! Nowhere is a uniform
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eyes are much engaged in minute objects : hence the occupa-
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nosis in this case. One of these is the discovery of an alcoholic
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11 in each, Dodge 8, Waupaca and Brown 7, and Marathon 6; and the greatest
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minished considerably in bulk from the loss of fluid during the interval,
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gin, and after again anaesthetizing our patient, proceed, as
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ville; Oliver Field, director, Department of Inves-
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mal in frequency and stronger ; respiration, bowels,
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extensor muscles, and at the same time to contraction of their
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Verliandlnngen der deutschen otologisclien GeselLscLaft. Jena.
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In reference to the foregoing Education and Examinations
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before transferring to fresh stock solution; occasionally the drug was
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lar. Suppuration does not occur and ankylosis is very rare, being not a
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six to eight hours later the animal is bled to death from the carotid
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the aviator. The fl.ving officer is a most valuable man, and as the result of
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other guide, even the pulse itself. Dr. Burne has paid
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are then covered and not disturbed for half an hour.
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But how is it as we approach the bedside and stand face to face
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ficiently long continued produces hydronephrosis. Sucli
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without, on the whole, any enlargement of the heart, and in that
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40 minims, for adults ; or of 1 to 5 minims for yoimg
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Cerebral disorders, [classification of functional, 447
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were my own, and all other prospect of relief had failed me, I
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in the limbs complained of by patients is attributable, at least in