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with the available clinical data is suggested in such

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going. The drenching part of the treatment must be done with

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sympathetic disorder of the uterus and expulsion of its contents.

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Poehl puts them together with the leucomaines there is however

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feed in 0 watering and change of pasture. The owner stated as

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ing every type of service. The costs of medical care

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In November I spent some time at the New England Post Graduate Assembly.

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factors in patient compliance with doctors orders. M. Care

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these centres of infection with as little delay as possible although this is

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tuberculous material from the two sources also making a series of

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Ritter home is an especially commissioned individual to bring in

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solids. Chloral if necessary. Bandage limb shave seat of pressure and

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has escaped from the blood vessels either in the subcutaneous or submu

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were empty the former showing a few faint ecchymoses of the

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us may be explained a feeling of optimism and dignity which per

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Medical Society in June and published in the August numl

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is by the employment of the most approved and effective means

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June 18 1902. He was a graduate of the American Veterinary College

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American Veterinary College was held in the college building Thurs

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with much credit as a member of the Board of Health for several

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ardent champion. 1 do regret it bitterly that I did not know of

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The Alumni Register of the University of Pennsylvania refers

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entertainment of the American Veterinary Medical Association at its

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main effect with an additional calcification promot

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organized army corps. An organization that would have been an

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Lowe and R O. Hasbrouck of Passaic George W. Pope of Athenia

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interferes with their schooling and their hopes for

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information and value to the future profession of our State.

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The attendants did not notice any such deviation of the legs whih

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recalled that he had a dreadful dream that disturb

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inguinal lymph nodes near the seat of inoculation were very much

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of the Association I would suggest that a committee be appointed

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sant effects of anesthesia and counter myocardial ir

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tions as iodine applied to the interior of the abscess.

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found that there is only some local discharge especially in connection

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the colic. President Harger suggested to Dr. Eves to study this subject

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on post mortem are very suggestive of a hemorrhagic septicaemia

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sponse to physiological and pharmacological agents.

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puration and great pain. The results obtained with protargol are

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eradication of disease. Its work fosters health and protects the lives of the

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new case from some other country will it again appear in that

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movement in the general advancement of our army known to his

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obstruction the extremity becomes oedematous and swollen.

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scientific study of the medical treatment of disor

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Physiology of the gastrointestinal tract. Edited by E. Clin

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individuals are successful for awhile only for in the end those

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of drugs and also the jtossible effects of one drug

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right posticus muscle however was also very poorly developec

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correlation of angiograms with dissections. Boston Little

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should have plenty of exercise little or no grain laxative food and

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that in real life lioth public and private action were

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our ante mortem diagnosis between these two diseases we are at

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w hich is both a highly effective pressor agent more

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prominent. I he cortical surfaces of both kidneys were

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Owing to the cautious action of the members of the United

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they might for in those days in the mildest outbreak of smallpox the

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It is highly infectious being disseminated not only by the cohabi

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is indispensable because it eradicates the conditions necessary for the

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and sub cultures made on the same date. Growth was always

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cpiestion they have changed the dismal prognosis of

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a superstructure such as is given in a good agricultural school.

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animal not in disease but in health in a physiological sense. We operate

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Dr. Cooper raised the question as to whether glanders was on the increase