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the use of waste ground and open spaces by the natives employed at the
pentoxifylline (trental) is a medication used for which of the following conditions
plete disappearance of the islands of Langerhans in
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dren under five years of age numbered 1,024; 789 under
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tarcous injection. Within twelve hours the temperature
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])atients under regular observation so long. This is
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the anaesthetic. In addition to the gauze a large glass tube is sometimes
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former. The pulmonic second sound is somewhat accentuated ; there
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that the internal table had been entirely destroyed, exposing the meninges."
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ness and flabbiness of tissue and to lack of proper development of the
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3. The Administration of the Public Health and Educa-
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cial attention to Dr. INIeltzer's article which appears
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ministration of chloroform was discontinued the temperature sank below
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resulted in revolutionizing field sanitation. Miss Nightin-
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experiments having been affected ; whilst Paul Mayer failed to get any
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and of those discharged as cured one half relapsed.
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of fixation. Paralysis of the same muscle (which is
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Xorthrup, in 1906, reported 252 cases of gonorrhceal
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Manly, G. J., Major, Aledical Corps. Left Fort Douglas,
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2. Except in the case of encapsulated tumors of the orbit, surgical inter-
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October J9, 1901, the patient had an initial syphilitic lesion
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Two Outstanding Office Machines Needed In Every Modern Office
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means of a glass rod, the patient's head being well
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it for his especial purpose in the lightest and most
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intravenous infusion of normal saline solution, hot
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maun believes that syphilitic fractures are the result of a gummatous oste-
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ganic evolution in England, including Lyell, Galton,
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of the spleen, the dulness over the lower portion of the left thorax, and
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Hess, Louis T., Major, Medical Corps. Assigned to duty
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remedy the conversion of the starches will be continued in the stomach for
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Russia — Transcaspian, territory ... July 3-9 5 4
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eradicate permanently the disease by dissecting out the entire mamma, a
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urine. In four or five days, after a nitrogenous equilibrium had been estab-
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Retzius and make a reverse catheterism and perineal
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or journal reference to the name of the author men-
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on the thoracic aorta have been found, — intubation
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dition. While I have not seen the patient since my ex-
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is in the anterior or posterior part of the cord, be-
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Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Industry,
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viously arrange for the disinfection of their quar-