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Koch charged the British Government 30 000 a year for his
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entific lines by men especially trained for this work. All of these
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Continuous In Vivo Recording of Partial Pressures by Mass
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noma and my xo adenoma. In man Delbet considers these tumors
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to have a previous case and generally when one cow aborts there
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in the last several years. The problem is biochemical
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entertainment and excellent clinic furnished by them.
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it will have become somewhat thicker and more elevated
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event. I wonder if a circulating anticoagulant might
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a calculus in the kidney ureter bladder or urethra may cause a
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remissions from time to time and may certainly be often materially influ
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be made in the eradication of this disease and thereby place the
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The announcement comes to us of the probable closing of the
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The annual meeting of the Society was held at the Livingston Hotel
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understand why this should be. If the profession of Michigan are
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sity. l he writing is sometimes over verbose as on page 18.
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ance in October and lasted several weeks and that he had never
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sophistication. In particidar no effort is made to help the
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The profession protests against an injustice to a conscientious
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asked for reinstatement to active membership. A few others sent replies
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sound ulcer remains which heals rapidly without leaving any enlarge
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highest credit. I know that my successor will meet with the same
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chronous jre ssure assist was used in two jjatients
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eager for some new barrier to be placed in the way of modern
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be the improvement and advancement of the horse and to tlie
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Manipulations by Assistant having charge of limb i whilst anterior flap
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animals to inoculation tuberculosis and establish the identity of the disease
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ditions we possess in abundance in those sections of the i
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Pirie is in nowise distinguishable from South African horse sic
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which is sometimes a very diflScult job. You should then be able to
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itibcntaneotis camphor may be dissolved in either oil or
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Since 1890 Karlinski of Bosnia Eitreich. Monat. inoculated
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disea.se to prevent them from returning as carriers
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fatal termination and advised destruction. The man in charge
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ourselves as heartily in favor of carrying out the law making it compulsory
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dyne and astringent suppositories division of ulcer or fissure and super
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pulmonary Physiology. New York Grune Sc Stratton 1960.
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cows eating it and they seemed to relish the same. Continuing with
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A resolution was passed to memorialize the Dominion Government to
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inarian. The profession as a whole will be profoundly thankful for
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event. I wonder if a circulating anticoagulant might
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baby should have just as good care and food as a mother sucklj
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The germ is grimly stalking like some pursuing spook
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upon socioeconomic factors. At the beginning of the
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eovelops. Furthermorey this overworked sire is in a condition
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tumors. Tumors of the class under consideration show no ten
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The Senior Editor and Business Manager Dr. W. Horace Hoskins
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tion which would usually occur in the gut and liver.
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pain arrhythmia palpitation and increased blood pressure. One published report described
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while in the veterinary school at Alfort they were daily on exhibi
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by specific adsorption of bormones to the cell sur
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malignant cholera becomes epidemic alike in India and other regions of
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now direct attention but to the eloquent plea that he mak lt