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bill has recently been introduced at Albany amending

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No arteries were severed, and after cleansing the cavity with warm

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qualified to constitute said State Board of Medical Examiners, shall,

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practically unknown after this injury) we can seldom

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of the village of South Framingham, was completely burned

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dehydrogenase. Until recently, the only agent available

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a president, a president-elect, a secretary, a treas-

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To remove foreign bodies in the ear, dip the end of a camel's

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prognosis, and the appearances which may be expected to be found after

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conclusion, therefore, is, that if the source from whence the virus is

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noted an absence of anemia or any other change in the hemoglobin

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external advantages, was supplied by means of an overcoming zeal, and

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suitable environment and opportunities a regeneration is possible.

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Rabbits and guinea-pigs receiving 0.1-24-hour blood agar slant cul-

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or a nerve sharp, or a skin specialist, or what not,

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either at its invasion or at its subsidence, with malarious periodicity,

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si)eaker liad seen a nund)er of cases of hydronephrotic kidney big enough to

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.'\gain, it is at the tricuspid or even may be in the

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Tumours may be primarily orbital, that is, originating in the tissues of

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against. In the following week severe cases may show continued fever

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Mendel: Berliner klin. Wochenschr., 1891, No. 24, p. 577.

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has very generally been limited to the latter. The importance of distinguishing

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on the right side than on the left, by reason of slight dif-

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position. But the strong, excited brachialis anticns

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