What Is Cefadroxil

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day or night from any house in the metropolitan district — an

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whatever the scarring, whilst the large share of small-pox

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Medical Council did not see its way to moi'e fully endorse the

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15 gr. of creosote carbonate in emulsion every three hours till the urine

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dead. If we place a muscle in a 0.75 per cent, of sodium

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A careful examination then will show that, whereas pain is constant

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public interest, however, and having regard to the effect of

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The symptoms which ordinarily cause a patient to consult a phys-

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ten years old brought to me from Wappinger Falls, N. Y., who up to this

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to n'orain from the proper quarter payment of a fee to which he is morally

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tinues unfavorable, marked by muttering deliriiun and by feeble pulse.

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American Jottings.— Dr. George F. Shrady, the editor of

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auditory canal, which produce pressure upon the tympanimi that is

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murder. But, whilst charging him with wilful murder, the

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Treatment. — The most striking facts about the prevention and

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latter muscles. There is also anesthesia of the outer half of the leg,

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communication with the posterior ethmoidal cells, which communicate

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distinguished officer was Principal Medical Officer of the Army

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causes great contraction of that side, with displacement of the heart,

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British schools. The reasons which originally induced the

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causes methremoglobin to appear at once. With 1 in 1,000 I

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patient succumbs. An acute form, however, has been reported as

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ease, rare in every coxmtry except Germany and Scandinavia. In this

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with advantage at the meeting of the British Medical Asso-

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careful inquiry, would the procurator fiscal not order a post-

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The etiology- or causation of this form is wholly unknown.

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corresponding increase in uric acid, but without producing gout.