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however is contraindicated in the acute surgical abdomen.

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and paralysis a peculiar clogging together of the bacteria. These

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The National Live stock Association is composed chiefly of

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lethal dose is one tenth that for mice per kg. body

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incidence of cancer increases and immunologic vigor

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In the further stages of the retrogressive metamorphosis sub

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President Dr. William Herbert Lowe Paterson First Vice President

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The post mortem examination revealed the lungs to be normal in

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Coates not knowing the workings of the College and Dr. Coates

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some recipients of renal allografts are reported to

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inarian to the City Board of Health of that municipality.

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which is of variable volume shows as a rule no degeneration.

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the liver is frozen immediately after death only a minute quantity of sugar

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California destined for points below the quarantine line and many

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cattle were used as follows A black and white bull sixteen

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year John Keppel presented by Faculty of McKillip Veterinary

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any object he would snap at it but paid no attention if touched

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project according Dr. Bertino said. A total of 192 investigators have been

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one to suspect the possibility of the dissemination

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The Journal does not hold itself responsible for state

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Why has research on delayed cellular hypersensitivity lagged so much be

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ing surfaces to increase in length and continue to more materially

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Roentgenograms of the pelvis Fig. 2 revealed the lUCD

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deals with general aspects of cellular and molecular

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fect condition it helps to our diagnosis by removing them as one

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symptom which could be attributed to the carbolic acid. There

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dogs. For all animals except the horse the inoculations were com


with the ascending cervical branches of the subclavian and the muscular

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color usually of a very dark red and in some cases almost black.

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We have suiBcient evidence in this State of its efficacy f ror

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teristic of the true choreas drug induced dyskinetic

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any public highway between the barn and the lots he wishes to turn

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nd surrounded by veins dilated and closely packed. On the

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e tidermis. ft is jtroduced by s 3ecific cells mel

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feces mucous membrane and feces covered with tetracanthus

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quently used in the examination of patients. Not only sufferers

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No large masses of necrotic tissue remain to become putrid but as

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observed a very striking appearance of illness combined with anaemia or

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Medical Association in convention assembled realizing the advantages

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Programme Second Day In the forenoon a clinic will be conducted at

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normal heart of an animal of the same size. The pig which

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As the middle years exact their metabolic toll com

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ing. Also the staining characteristic differs some

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disease The longer the writer treats parturient paresis the

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similar inflammation of neighboring parts panophthalmitis.

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Physiology First prize silver medal G. Deming. Second

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Medicine General Practice or Orthopedics. Please contact

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illustration. Legend should be typed numbered and at

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affections. From his experiments the author believes that this

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by the election from their own membership of a president a

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membrane was very much inflamed. Subcutaneous hemorrhages

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