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first there was a perforation of the ileum. The peri-
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In the case of the dcjul l)ir(l, tli<' blood was taken directly from tlic heart,
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in operations through such large masses of muscular
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when first seen. The eyes, at this time, showed no signs of in-
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money, and he, as I expected, then invited me to go with
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portion ; for, though sometimes less, it is often more.
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ficulties as on the previous occasion. The child also
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caster County, died .August 22d, at Buck, Pa., sixty-five
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need only wear suitable clothing during the process. The
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But a week ago last Monday, there began to show themselves the
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11. — Koy (G. G.) Typhoid fever; its treatment by the
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whole pathology of surgical poisons. In order to estimate at
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This was, however, not easily accomplished, and, for some
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have been observed in which the resemblance to appendicitis w^as so
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factors must, however, always be used with awareness of their
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salivary cell. On the Other hand, if a blood-vessel be full of a thick, creamy, yellow
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certain foods, while to others this did not become apparent until
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tion may be present. The test-meal may show no distinguishing feature.
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in our study of this subject. The first of these is
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uppermost, and nipped about 1^" from the ileo-csecal valve.
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required to make the paste of the proper consistency. We
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* Not having the first edition of this author's works at hand, I am uncertain
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by external applications, by medicines of various kinds,
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the cardiac muscular structure, and which should not be considered, at
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and peritonitis, they, with unimportant changes, should be
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bone in a piece of bone ash implanted into the peritoneal cavity of a cat six
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on the motion was argued before the Court of King's Bench, and the judges
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took fire he could not move out of it. He was indignant
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anaesthesia is of frequent occurrence. Berger has called at-
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of a Norman state in France, under K<dlo. and the sub-
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claim that craniotomy is, par excellence, the elective opera-
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ventricle in consequence of the over-accumulation in the left auricle and the
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