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this may not always be discernible. On December 2 he

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Adjunct Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases in the New York Poljelinie

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temperatui e. If the acids are united with Glycerine at the com-

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a bold incision, press out the semi-fluid matter, and dress the

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namely : graze the tip of the malleolus and do not get away from this

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which the rays are brought to a focus sooner, and the image is formed at

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is not surprising that another "impulse" came to him,

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sickness in the army, on the 20th of August. This he did, in a

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and had slipped oft', were ordinary long double-curved forceps, we first

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required for the day and one for the night ; these duties

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tory results both for the sick person and for our professional

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four representative doctors, all being members of the North Carolina

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times the disease is ushered in by diarrhoea, or this takes place

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hope of eternal happiness in another and better world." —

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that the physicians’ assessment of the value of preserving

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period there is generally a slight fall, to which Murchison attached impor-

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arsenic in particular, sometimes also those poisoned by ingestion of the

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yellow colour, but become green on exposure to the air ; and some-

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lays stress upon preventing loss of blood, thorough disinfection and cleanliness.

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dysentericce, described by Shiga of Tokio; and type 2, nearly allied

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But it will be noted that in the majority of cases the

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ficulties as on the previous occasion. The child also

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consequent hindrance to the escape of cerebrospinal fluid from

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true, a meteric Mayo in our midst; on the vantages of climate per se are over-

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towards reducing this " 90 per cent ;" many other methods are now

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Here we will only add that when the original infection was pro-

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interior of the mouth to be well swabbed three or four times a day. Externally,

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pregnancies, the common tendon of the internal oblique and transversalis is

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latter instance to subject the patient to the danger of insuffi-