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"The long believed and much feared effects of the wind of balls, has so com-
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years. Brit. M. J., Loud., 1895, i, 1439.— Feldmann (M.)
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follows : Dilated heart ; weak, irregular, intermittent, or rapid action ;
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afiecting the national liealth, the Committee has no politics,
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higher than 1 : 100, with the exception of a small series which will be dis-
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febrile symptoms, should be regarded as most likely to be suffering
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the hideous picture drawn by the Froude and Jewsbury Com-
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Hi- assurance that the palpitation is not heart disease, that the sediment
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liquor. The continual drinker will probably say he has, and
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carriers vying for your business. Because of the variety of
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6. Have a sense of humor. “It’s one thing to take re-
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tery of dogs and then tested the urine and feces. From both
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in both eyes. The paler half of the left disc shows a refrac-
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ties; was taken with convulsions during the eighth month of pregnancy. I saw her
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should be thoroughly disinfected before they are occupied by
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of various colors. Great taste may be displayed in the arrange-
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finally, having given the remedy to the Profession and the
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inent as a physician in Pittsburg, a member of tiie Akkricak
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These are the lingual simiseXj the glosso-epiglottic fossae
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did not endeavor to hear the pulsations of a foetal heart ; though it is more
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carbon derivatives with their break jaw names, the latest
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Sir J. D. CoRRiGAx then moved, and Dr. Stokes seconded,
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back, indicating a return of her menses, which have
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last six years. These attacks came on at intervals of about two
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apart from the presence of symptoms, in the fact that in the pathological
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side of this age mortality gradually increases with
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4. Guyer DR, Tiedeman J, Yannuzzi LA, et al: Interferon-associated
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ing recipes and camiot be procured, add 1 teaspoonful of
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Misce : fiat haustus quaque secunda vel tertia hora sumendus.
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barb, (owing to the fact that it was formerly derived
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extend along tlie course of this muscle to Poupart's ligament, below whicli it
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form of small -pox, to the cause now stated. But in con*