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Dr. Griswold married Esther Eliza, daughter of Elijah
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tine without any symptoms to the patient. In one case
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pneumothorax, **occurring in apparently healthy individuals without ascribahle
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in the rare characters of skulls which have been alleged to form
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rights of citizenship in clinical medicine." If we mistake not, what Dr.
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2d. Jfthe indications demand it, practise venesection.
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periosteal resections, puts the case in its proper light in saying :
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begin to form. They develop by a division of the parent cells,
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heart before sleep, or in the morning as just waking.
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puncture of the middle of the calamus scriptorius of the fourth ventricle, bnt also by punc-
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conquer a most obstinate insomnia of long standing.
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had fallen in the street a short time previous to admission. Was in a state of
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amine the accounts of the Treasurer and report to the Society, making sug-
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was filled with praises for the discoverer, and it seemed
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M. 1)., of Berks, is a very neat production, and in its sentiments well timed;
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tLuGOL, in his treatise on Scrofula, regards the transmission of that disease
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pronounced than those following six grains. I determined
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cumbent skin being healthy, with the exception of a slight bluish
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Partial decolorization of the erythrocytes has been recorded in
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and rabbits show that this is a more formidable poison than it has been
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painful spots being at the extremity and at the middle of the ribs. The pain
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The autopsy was made by herself, assisted by Dr. E. M.
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as can be obtained under present circumstances. But we
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hill, their ages respectively six years and nine years.
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1930. Beardwood, Joseph T., Jr., 2031 Locust St. (3)
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kill," is still in force, and will continue in force till the end of time.
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report. They are thus afforded opportunities for educa-
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actions are peripheral and are probably exerted on the
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being readily effected by a single pair of forceps. Where
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recurrence in two and a half years. The second case was a man 50 years old with
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would make it appear that these two varieties of phlebitis
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A child was affected with fits of coughing, suffoca-