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a disinfectant when these substances are present in any considerable
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langes may develop in the intestine without giving rise to the
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pillars, dangerous in medicine. Scarcely had the attentive difledioa
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them together by means of a condom. In this way the patient had become
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neurium (Leyden). To the naked eye the affected nerves appear normal, and
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At 3 P.M. an oblique incision was made over the outer
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LABOR SAVING : The American Medical Publishers' Association is prepared to
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Luther insane, and Christ a paranoiac, one must think
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duration, haemorrhages, softenings, and tumours of the cord may be causes
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great tendency to overlapping, is a reasonable thing to do, and for the
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ping the patient in the wet sheet. Cold water may also be thrown
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who came in contact with him. With cliildren he was a "-reat
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grains, night and morning. He only found it necessary in the cases
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u. Chir. &c. &c. Erlangen : Ferdinand Euke, 1869. Price 55. ^d.
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crepitation during movement, and shortening of the limb, were the chief reasons
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suppurative processes, as have the leukocytes in our
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but received very careful antiseptic treatment, the shreds trimmed out,
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1488), who found that among twenty-four non-syphilitics injections
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can be obtained cheaply, and is very serviceable. Swinging chairs are
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17. Hippocrates: Airs, Waters, Places, in Petersen:
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As to the question of what measures are to be taken to effect
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term, it occurred in an article in the current issue of the Lancet. He
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increase of these cells. The autopsy was done 12 hours
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operation, had been treated by radium (cross-fire) a year before;
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when the voluntary relaxation of accommodation is tempted to the utmost
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my judgment at least, worthy of comparison with them.
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Jan. 14th, 1896. — Mr. F. B.; Norway; age, 35; single; miner from Butte City,
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by dispersing, but by destroying, in a manner somewhat analogous to the
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tuting an individual affection, is to be considered in connection with apo-