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length, devised a very sensitive instrument known as a bolo-

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for the insane rather than the jail, and no important point compromised thereby,

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annual meetings notwithstanding the present war. We

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subclavian vein, and gradually invades the tissues and

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cardiac stimulation and improvement of nutrition are leading indications.

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normal appearance, but a careful examination showed

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With reference to determining the existence of either regurgitation or

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England in Ajjril 1794, and had no conmninication with land for twenty

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Case. — The patient was a married woman, aet. 34, mother of ten

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good night ; general symptoms better ; expectoration precisely

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and Livingston, Williams; General, Keen, Binnie, Babcock; Orthopedic, Whitman, James

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Examination of the Urine as a means of Diagnosis. By Theodore

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and are then taken up by the leucocytes, particularly by the poly-

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ceedingly simple, and no special apparatus is required. The

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pain, which Mr Williams thought was produced by disorder in

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Dr. Kipp also exhibited a cavernous fibro-liponia which

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at an early stage what was the exact nature of the virus,

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of albumin present may be of little prognostic impor-

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Misce : fiat haustus quaque secunda vel tertia hora sumendus.

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acute and chronic affections of the lungs, than those who

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feeble, and intermittent, the immediate cause of death being

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pression necessary to call forth strong emotions, as a result

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I her stomach was still irritable it was not deemed best to