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to relieve his bowels, he fell into an apoplectic stupor, and

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left side being invariably affected. From each of the former

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a firm attachment to the inverted fundus, was removed.

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The convalescence, as a rule, is neither complicated nor

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If approved by the component society and the Society’s Board of Directors, additional Active Members Emeritus shall be

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readily spread through instruments, fingers, bandages, etc.

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mentioned that some consider the globus hystericus to be spasm in its

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washing, their size varying from 2 to 7 cm. long and

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liver cells compressed and shrunken. There is , however , no marked degeneration,

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slighter forms. This, however, arises from the extreme difficulty of

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To time the intestinal motility, certain substances, such as charcoal, milk, or

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food of vegetables. The interchange of life and death is ceaseless ; and

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cous membrane. Orthoform remains inactive, therefore, whenever

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be understood as detracting from the merits ot the | j^, ^^.g,gj 1^^.^^,^^ completing it. In ihe last London

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names which did not represent our diagnosis of diseased condi-

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same age. As Talbott & Morse have aptly put it, our task after master-

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to doubt whether in the cases recorded by Konig the patients can fairly be

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or other place in said District where milk, game, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits,

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allowed to go on too long. The method of operation is as fol-

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of medicine. Diagnosis is also important with reference to the acquisition

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Hysteria. Hysterical paralysis and functional weakness of the lower

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special case may be described and from it a series of points selected

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The fearful difference in the mortality of the two disorders and the une-

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therefore, is not a reliable indication for further bleeding ; but the

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the end of the calamus scriptorius, no granule cells or other signs

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breast in 1884. The tumor had been observed but four weeks previous

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mons. — Dr. Lyon Playfair will again stand for the representation

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In three, all of which were associated with fracture of ribs,

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of diphtheria. He also attended in her confinement the wife of

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ogy that we forget that high tech without high touch can be

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grenous inflammation or by a typhoid condition, with ataxo-adynamic