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Thornley Stocker, Vice-President of the College of Surgeons,

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break of cholera in Europe. He expressed the hope that his

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What the exact percentage may be is very diflBcult to arrive

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a considerable proportion of the population of Denver, which

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fied protest, holding him responsible for any injurious effect upon the

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had to insert an account of Gowers's haimacytoineter. This

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testimony, coming from such a source, ought to be known.

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Case of Fibrous Polypus of the Prostatic Porlion of the

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devote the whole of their time to the studies, the re-

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fatal by rupturing ; (4) Simple Stricture of Rectum.

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tremes of temperature, and the latter tempering them.

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■270.)— The author gives an account of Saratoga, perhaps the

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numerous experiments. The animal we selected was invari-