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means of restraint and treatment ; for many, because the cost of providing

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for a month, it is well to suspend its use for some days,

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* Read at the Bightceath Semi-Annual Meeting of the Southern California Medical Society, held

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The Lymphatics of the Joints? — About two years ago Dr. H. Till-

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fatal cases in the epidemic which prevailed in Alabama in 1848. In mi

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seized as it were almost at the same instant? The phy-

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lated to valvular disease — such as fatty degeneration

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give him ; and if he ever sees fit to honor the world with his lectures in

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vigor. This would be unwarranted. On the contrary, the law of na-

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Dr. G. L. Walton, of Boston, ])resented a specimen, and said

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Confic. De uso vero et Administratione istarum pillularum se-

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kept in dried sputum for 95 days. Some pathogenic forms resist desiccation

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were dressed with compresses dipped in warm water, and covered with some

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dated ovum is arrested in the tube proper, ampulla or at the infundi-

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inoculate tubercle for the last live years ; and he would ask

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twenty minutes, and that of each participant in discussion of the same

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from such materials; among other things, the cause of mala-

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and Pacita Salon, president of the WVSMA Auxiliary.

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after a short time without it the patient is usually better sat-

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names of physicians who had previously positively re-

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when all seems to be going on quite well. This was so in a

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on board a transport steamer, which was in constant service steaming

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millionaire clinics gather in the pay patient under the

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history provided sufficiently clear evidence, not of tuberculosis, but of

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of the mark of circumcision, and soft clean hands, justified the

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were only crescent forms, but these in increased number. The im-

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