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was found following labor to have a soft mass in the uterus,

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dth a resultant auto-intoxication, but many lifelong sufferers

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not nearly so prone to affect the lymphatic glands or

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53 Some Interesting Cases of Headache Due to Nasal Trouble.

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Infusum Tabaci (U.S.), is likewise used as an enema,

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to^take place from irritative processes affecting" these vestibular impulses.

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This accident, however, had nothing to do with the death of the

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on the main blades, and the extra blocks, of three and five

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maintained in it for less than £100 a year, exclusively of his

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2. The disaccharidcs, or saccharoses, possessing twelve atoms of carbon

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spinal meningitis ; but we are very far from finding that

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fresh air ; but these alterations are seldom satisfactory, and have

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A Theory regarding the Origin of Cancer. By C. E. Green.

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inevitable consequence of active immunization. As stated above,

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surgery. Am. .1. M. Sc., Phila., 1897, n. s., cxiv, 549-555.

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ternally. His skin became very itchy. His breathing

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as Dirll's crises or inrarceration aym-pUims. They may be excited, also, by a

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such a short space. On account of this miserable attempt. I

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ankle, where the external malleolus is grinding out a facet

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Just prior to Christmas, my family and I were eating

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* Kosenbach, " Mikroorganismen bei den Wund-Infection."

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are usually found beneath the capsule, but occasionally are seen within the

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salivation I ever gaw, short of death, was produced by six grains of

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of the cleanly incised wounds expected from that instrument, some are rudely

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to affect the average individual in a perceptible manner.

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tion of a subject which more properly belongs to medical

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Where this disease once gets a hold in a large school

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but there is more or less continual gastric distress.