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Four cases of adenofibroma on the inferior third of the nasal

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removal has no measurable effect on the vital signs

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garbage should be prohibited as it induces disease in that animal

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there are certain characteristics upon which the source of the

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matology Division of Dermatology Department of Medicine

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ing the farmers to the fact that they are abusing their own interests

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eron horses from acute leucoencephalitis. All exhibited similar

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This cow was apparently almost normal on June 11th but showed

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all nerves the nerve always turned out to be normal. When

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lying and mostly seen in pregnant cows. The vagina differs in

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that of a drunken man. The patients may fall and then become

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blood appeared to be localized in the right side of

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lower rib just above the upper black arrow. Branches of

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ture or autonomic balance. It should come as no revelation

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the scrotum and the right testicle appeared normal except that it

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They are laid in the intestine of the host passed out with the

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are vastly different from those in other species of animals in that

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profession such a noble earnest and valuable member and.

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All milk whether for separation for cream or for calves is put

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derived from the taxation of real estate for maintaining and building our

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sloughing of stump and 9 tetanus occasionally carry off patient Pyae

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inarians of Pennsylvania individually and collectively. Fellow

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In the past the veterinary profession of New York have had the

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Single Flap amputation. Vide amputation at phalangeal joints of fin

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losis. Luclainche in France has received a prize from the Academy for

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collect and analyze clinical data in terms of func

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abortions. He always has the stables disinfected when the cows

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The causes which give rise to cirsoid aneurism are not apparent. Occa

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started by the Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. The only assist

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