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elbow. He lost no more blood, but the state of the arm

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1604 an epizootic of rabies broke out in Paris (Andry) ; towards

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skin, hot head and an active pulse ; in such cases I

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the part which the surgeon can play in its advancement and

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it from the surrounding textures. No good can come of

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examination reveals the fact that we have to do with a

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as long as it is not diseased and does not interfere with any other portion

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prevailed to a considerable extent in the working classes was quite

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exertion, or some special incapacity for learning ; we probably find, too,

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ten days before, with severe pain, tenderness and vom-

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portance, for his perseverance in continuing the treat-

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VVolverton, William D., Major and Surgeon — Granted

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times infiltrate, without definite arrangement, the

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lungs ; clots of dark blood on both sides of the heart ; the bladder

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tates to invade with the knife ; and again, the destructive effects

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being no money, the visitalions would be suspended — I would

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of the blood is the same in conunencing paralysis of the heart as in

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etherized. Any changes in blood pressure which might possibly

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their diagnosis and treatment. It appears to differ in its toxicity in

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tion ; palpation detects a soft swelling and a purring thrill ;

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served in the urinary bladder. It may be of interest

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added, the color will show a bluer tint than it had

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of silence. In other words, if the heart tones be arranged in pairs,

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uates of the regular course" — we would say that to the student