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say that this is the specific germ of scarlet fever. He is

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sidered at this meeting. Dr. Daniel Lewis of New York

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There are at present about forty seven observations

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ness was complete almost to the last. No cultures were made

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ized by the persistent and rapid increase of the propor

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account of the presence of a definite group of symptoms

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tion in the later periods of life. Wherever an outbreak

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necessitated a careful review of all those non typhoid

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haps the most complete and perfect institution of the

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surgical operations on the abdomen as for the radical

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advantageous to use a mustard bath which has decided

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for the first two days except for the swelling which is so

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are cast off leaving faint reddish stains. The vesicopus

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that which exhibits a long period of incubation is not

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made seem to be unusually tolerant of traumatic in

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case of contusions of tlie abdomen caused by the kick of a

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this scorbutic condition seems to develop even in children

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tagion. After an experience extending over fifty years.

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curred in non suppurative cases so that it was due not

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dentist has carefully brought a child up to the age of fif