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> For May, 1838, p. 13. ' Lancet, March 3, 1831, p. 840.
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cular, but not painful or tender. After an interval of some months, an
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limbs ; the arteries of fore-arm are ossified, and the femoral seems to be in
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the infection until twelve or more days have elapsed
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centers were the exciting cause of the explosions of nerve
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and Treatment of Diseases of the Ear. By William Kramer. Second
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and Medical OiBcers. By Charles Harrington, M.D., Assist-
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of these defending cells, if the physician will but lend
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Smith, of Baltimore, to that of Surgery, in the medical department of this
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tells us, by a feeling of suffocation ; and there is occasionally to be heard a
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cause the total denudation of the papilla by lifting up the
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affected side was as high as that of the sound side.
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marked destitution to be met with in native cities in
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taking establishment at 740 Pacific St. Through Mr. Wong Chung,
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1.25 grams, was not sufficient to account for this fact.
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the continued history of persecution among the Jews, their
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By giving this in sufficient quantity by the mouth or rectum,
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for an operation for appendicitis. When I saw her there was
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increased. The paper from which I quote the above paragraphs, gives no
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nished, stiil albuminous — specific gravity 1004.7, that is, less than natural;
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light upon" a " dark subject ;" (for this compliment, however. Dr. Annan
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3Med. Corres. Blatt. d. Wurt. Arzt. Vereins, Bd. vii. N. 45.
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tion of carbon has been less imperfectly performed in the right than in the
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A. A. Surgeon S. 11. Hodgson, relieved from duty at Vera Cruz.
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Middlesex North District M. S.^j^jjj^ District M. S.
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the most painful and important diseases effectually cured by external applications. By
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mittent fever, which had yielded to sulphate of quinine ; her menses were
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and only three or four days are sometimes necessary for the healing of the
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the time of the attack. In Sedgwick's case, the left ear became affected by
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Surgeon G. F. Stokes, detached from the Nev) Orleans and ordered
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