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ated upon quite a number of times by several well known veter
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in the disease observed aggravation of tuberculosis by tuber
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have adopted as a uniform practice the method of Dr. Theobald
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Pasteur and his school have since demonstrated that flesh does
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years of painstaking persistent effort and trained observation. In
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Following the usual routine of business came the election of officers for
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chloronaptholeum solution. The instruments were immersed in
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tery could be seen feeding a round vascular lake along
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and a decided improvement is noticed on the farms in close proximity to
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the procedure. This occurred in a patient with car
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of miliary tuberculosis. The other case in a family where there
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syncopes occur in consequence of the acute excitability of the
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lic subjects. Fhe insulin output is very great both
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different well defined species or only one specie certain features of
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iodide ointments pressure tapping cysts and injecting them with iodide
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Executive of the Parlor City to extend the official greetings to the members
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more there is an increasing tendency to make tenta
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case will warrant or the expediency of circumstances permit we are with
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period there is a rigor followed by a febrile movement palpitation cold
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milking time the milkmen are obliged to wash their hands with
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and has partly persisted without proving fatal organic disease of the heart
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through understanding how it furthers impedes or disrupts
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tion in the presence of cardiovascular disease or hypertension.
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naturally larger than is the upper at the lower part of the heels
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extent severity and stage of the disease. The redness is most marked
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Dr. Leonard Pearson of Philadelphia Pa. was a visitor to
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prosperity and all good citizens are requested to co operate with
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pituitary function. This theoretical model of hypo
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well manifested by the veterinarians of England and France and
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When ao extensively tubercular herd is tested with tuberculin
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sponsibility on the radiologist. The following sec
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Eoch at the last Congress of Tuberculosis held in London and
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sity to recreation.. t the end of the first year one
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dient. Experience has taught me to persevere by simple means
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major portion of the domestic animals of Montana live an all out
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the liver in sirsceptible patients. Recently it has
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imjjlant ectopically nor that they cause fetal abnor
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Adjourned to meet in Chicago at the call of the President.
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this type to be used was reserpine given in doses of
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under symptoms of irregular respiration and heart action dilated
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Iain the laxative character of colostrum. No less do macro
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needs. No single organization can do the job alone.
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IpeciaJly of that of the large bowel generally due to impaired excital
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be of importance in preventing infection with lytic
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National Association has ever held. Representatives were in attendance
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lymphatic vessels from the original sore to the neighboring glands. It
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the abdominal organs as from heavy meals indigestible food or dyspepsia.
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pathologists unhesitatingly made this macroscopic diagnosis. This
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antianxiety agent to use is largely made on the basis
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in outline and much smaller than those above described. They
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blood by nutritious food proper hygienic conditions change of air
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Gross Lesion. The lesion which prompts this communication
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human bacilli being one hundred and eighteen and a half days
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in a quiet place and disturbed as little as possible. They do not
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classed under Diseases of the Urinary System and considered under
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