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essential phenomena of an apoplectic seizure consist in the severance of the

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neurectomy by Dr. Frank W. Brewer cryptorchid operation and ovari

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of the scrotum has contracted to normal shape and a person seeing

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set and devoid of reflex gasping for breath lying flat on one side

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bodies some congestion of the small intestines empty or nearly

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care and experience gained by farmers in handling stock from their

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tation of live animals and the great advances in breeding are

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credits. References should conform to the usual style of

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in the ears troubles of vision numbness and difficulties of speech

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appears to be no evidence that it strikes more often

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hicles requires split second reaction by the driver.

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another State which is so well prepared for the plan of Colum

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it is convenient and exceedingly valuable in the treatment of fistulas

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sity during life. The actual expense per member for 1900 was 18.

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their own. Two main groups are formed by the question whether

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tuberculous disease bad acute suppurative disease of joints very bad

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Resolved That by his death the field of journalism has lost a valued

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the longer the period of incubation. Again the nearer the nervous

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measures as indicated. Because of the possibility of progression of

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and congestive heart failure seen during the first few

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the expulsion of the foetal membranes of such a duration or char

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and thus limits the position of the bone interferes with reduction by

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is often hard to detect until an animal has possibly infected

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being objected to by the animal a sort of frame was built around

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largest number of veterinarians ever gathered together on America

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proposed is not made use of by the Live stock Sanitary Board of

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tory problems and open cardiac surgical procedures.. new

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quadriceps extensor may be divided. Incisions in lateral flap method begin

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seemed to spread rapidly destroying more and more of the under

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After the manner of syphilis. Consequently when it is once cured there

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siderable relief as the animal could now commence to use its

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immediately secured by a fresh injection of oxygen.

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into condensed or compact bone. The articular cartilage of the

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Whereas We the assembled members of the Veterinary Medical

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was thoroughly discussed by most of the members and visitors present. A