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hidden from us. Such are the rudest of them all, the cup

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anaesthesia is of frequent occurrence. Berger has called at-

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5. Äir-bubbles in the blood haYe been found by myself in one of

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The haematuria subsequent to each operation was but slight, and lasted but

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with the struggle of concealment and hopeless resistance ; semi-responsi-

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days. (3) The period of isolation should be 28 days, and, if all

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this does not necessarily answer the question whether the

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the treatment of potassium depletion, careful attention should be paid to acid-base balance, other

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or less, the peritoneum. The patients speak of the pain as a

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that a family might encounter. Any person covered under the program would be entitled to all the hospital inpatient

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Diagnosis and prognosis. This may be aided a good deal by

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rience in the disease his views are entitled to a respectful consideration.

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ing, diarrhea, convulsions and coma — which are frequent incidents, and much to be

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carefully enveloped in one that was dry, before being taken to the cemetery.

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bilateral facial and general paralysis, Avhich recovered under anti-syphilitic

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knees was very deeply bronzed. There was no pigmentation

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aptitude to endure the concussion of the hard road, or to

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To be held at Washington, June 17th and 18th, 1886.

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was in attendance from the 15th to the 28th i touch before the integuments over them

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I have never encountered true ulceration of the stomach in arseni-

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The young forms are similar to those of the proteosoma, and

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Destot. Radiographie d'un pied inonti aut une luxation

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abdominal surgeon is removing, but he is liberating

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the organ — the depressions corresponding to the intervals between lobules,

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been dead six months before operation, but the extensive adhe-

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distended bladder, and the bladder wall is fixed by means of two

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ly tenderness over the spine, but even slight pressure pro-

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ceous desquamation, or in ]ncces of epidermis of greater or \fm itt

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land and France are marked and striking. They proceed chiefly

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think it aids a little in preventing concealed hemorrhage; and

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strictly natural food — the natural diet — fruits, and

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As befits such a work, particular stress and much space are given to

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In three cases the eruption was associated with hemorrhagic spots and vesi*

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ground, are the apothecaries of corps really superfluous while

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sel is apt to throw out a jet of blood is in cutting away the attachment

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Mr. Oamgco is quite correct in the statements he has already made on