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{From the Laboratories of The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.)

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the two prescriptions were continued. The following paroxysm was very short ; the

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Klebs and Tommasi-Crudcli supply the missing form.f The " Bacil-

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looking and old-fashioned lecture room, in such marked con-

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[Coinmanfeiited for the Bonton Medical and Surfical Joantal.]

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of support, we still possess in " subcutaneous alimentation" a

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shown. The virus is known to filter through porcelain and

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do not appear to be so characteristic of arsenical poisoning, as to admit of

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Ziegler lays stress on the fact that they are constantly found surrounded by

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in duration is to be performed the gas should be combined with

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out through the abdominal parietes, and felt to be slightly raised. Then followed

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much acuteness, although in a form of argument formerly used

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and over again. This is accomplished in some of the ozonizing processes

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ligature to gradually cut its way to the external surface.

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has occurred. In convalescence, dietetic errors may be responsible for

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time forwards she swallowed without difficulty and was no more sidL

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therapy. Indications: diaper rash, slow healing wounds,

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members of this Medical assembly ; and Paris, the residence

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from the snows and the fierce winds, and the mud, which

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been employed. All articles of clothing worn during the disease should be

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of this, at least as long as they are foolish enough to claim credit

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are i)reparod to receive patients. The medical branch of the

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rapidly, it was thought best not to interfere e.xct))!

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front of the udder, and cover with cloths until hair stands erect.

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with veins, and although veins are now ligatured almost as freely as arteries,

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tial chemical reactions of all tissue cells are facilitated by enz}TQes in

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absolute value of the absorbing power is the ratio of