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irritation about the site of the haemorrhage, the injections of strychnia

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their relations to the mental forces are elucidkted. Modern physiologists, Haller, Zimmermann,

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our cattle traffic, and that to which all infection must

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ought and that they deserve. For I hold that no man,

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passing of this Act, or affect any proceeding pending

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13, 1886. Discharged, cured. May 17th, the uterus be-

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which indicated that marked relief was afforded. The

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sumed, first, that I have not been interviewed at all ; next

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Identical with the infantile splenic anaemia met with in Italy, Sic ly

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ness and tumefaction cover a large space, and the gangrene

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that conclusions drawn from such lists would be far more

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Let me urge you to read the history of medicine, for you will find

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similarly made paratyphoid " diagnosticum " has been prepared. In regard to the

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some work on a high building, lost his footing, but in his fall grasped a

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performed hyperemia of the central nervous system was

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under the influence of the drug during the entire day

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tion. The finding of some small susceptible species is necessary to

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stitutes a true ball, and the opposed vertebral surfaces and the thick-

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pyloric region of the stomach, though the converse case of

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let pass into oblivion without further notice. It is the offence

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in patients in whom the paralysis was the result of accident. Its

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mining a voluntary contraction of muscle — a species of

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by dusting with zinc oxide and starch, equal parts. Sapo

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It is shocking to all foreigners to see what quantities of

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slighter forms. This, however, arises from the extreme difficulty of

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have received no report from him as to their condition. Of

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patch, sometimes in a linear series, and generally imbedded, as it were, in

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the disease is epidemic (Russian Federation and Ukraine)

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branches, as well as Special Courses on Diseases of

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expectorating it. But stimulants are not often needed, except

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laid up. Now, of course, they use injections. Will you