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of the commission will only reiterate established truths. The

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artery is definitely shown. Autopsy on such cases have in several

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Course. With the occurrence of suppuration, improvement

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claims to have prayed that if the murder was not God's will he

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ing in the scale of nature. The inability to appreciate that

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an analysis of the milk in several cases of difficult diges-

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patients amylaceous test-dinners, with the view of producing

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they, the precisely similar agony of seasickness? Far

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The two creatures we have now to describe, are much more remarkable

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only. The epidemic started in the Jewish quarter of the city, and at

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Division of Sanitary Reports and Statistics ; fifth. Division

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When occurring in drunkards, the disease may resemble delirium

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office by any member of this society and, indeed, the

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on the true choleraic character, viz., of copious white flocculi sus-

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tory and rapid and there was a surprising number of secondary

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sented, and the following is an abstract of his case ; —

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state of the digestive organs must be carefully inquired into ; and due

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have the vigorous and immediate support of every member of the

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the practitioner to determine the extent and exact nature of

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lighted with silver lamps. When at the door we hesitated to enter ;

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stances. A child about three months old, who was operated

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A tablespoonful is not always half an ounce, nor is a

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Three cases of a central cervical spinal cord syndrome

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sternum and very hard. Seeing his desperate state I at once sent

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Pharmacopoeias has a tendency really to embarrass the whole

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but the grocery stores about Christmas time and were looked upon as a

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lence of this epidemic in 1832. Nearly all the patients in the hospital

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part of general dropsy, may be caused, are heart-disease, chronic affections

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He also reported the case of a man to whom he was called one night,

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As a rule mid wives are too meddlesome, and a woman might better

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sional life covered some sixty-one years. He achieved a high

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