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Medical Society subcommittee on AIDS to comment on the
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exercise, and can be heard at a considerable distance from the
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Tile Vestry has determined to carry out the first recommenda-
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ance, until about two, P. M., when it appeared to be somewhat dizzy,
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this on which Dr. Althaus depends for the destruction of
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though the surgeon is still required to treat many patients who have suffered
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In the circumscribed spots we find the spinal medulla swollen in
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other treatment than that applied to the granular sur-
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The first number of this new and promising skin journal,
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remedies, but without any appreciable improvement ; his joints remained
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of beta-oxybutyric acid and its derivatives in the urine.
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and is situated in the back, trunk, head, or limbs. Many are the com-
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finger-tips with alcohol and dry it. Prick the part with
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necessary to commit her to the asylum where she remained with occasional short
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of Sextial Inversion,** by Havelock Ellis, M.D.; "The Advancement of Psychia-
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bination with the blood in the shape of a black magma, destitute of cohesion,
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College of Surgeons in Ireland, Physician to the City ofDublin
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elevation of temperature is of longer duration, the curves (if the tem-
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symptoms; an analysis, however, of many cases would make one suspicious that
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The Contraction Bing as a Cause of Dystocia. — Mrs. Florence
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