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prevalent nor so fatal in any of the western kingdoms of Europe as in
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that they do not contain ingredients tliat may disorganize the skin either
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or muriate of quinia. Dr. Dickson gives the bark in infusion, com-
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employed it, but think very favorably of the process. His plan requires
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the cHnical method thereof: provided that such visits
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far the firmest and smoothest. It was unusually hard,
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command of the Glasgow Brigade Bearer Company. He retired
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or failure will certainly be the result. Of course the difficulties
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one occurring of itself. It is all the difference between an apple
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*•* S si iiple inflammatory irirfftwm of the larynx, care-
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meeting in Cambridge on December 7. Dr. Whitney will
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the order of the Secretary of State the prisoner was removed to Bethlehem
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The chemical formula of atro|)ia is almost identical with
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lays stress upon preventing loss of blood, thorough disinfection and cleanliness.
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the peculiar quickness with which it slips from beneath
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of the heart-wall, and forms its sole component. Here the degener-
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eyes what they describe, admit that at Bloemfontein
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dom and in some of the colonies, is the facility with which
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colitis), progressively increasing abdominal distension, together with
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for 1872 wOl prove. That list contains the names, not only of
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some quiet effusion still going on. But when the second
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abortion or delivery at full term, vaginal drainage
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disseminate sclerosis, and, if present, would be probably associated with
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Five days after the operation vomiting set in again, with tym-
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to Physical Development." It is the outcome of a lecture delivered by him
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fect of the department Loireet-Cher informed me that the neighbor-
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not actually founded in error. It is true that the constant occurrence
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Then stick — be as firm as a rock. But change the minute
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had its whole vafcular fvftem turgid with blood. The intef-
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