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epilepsy. Bonhoeffer reported a boy having seizures bearing some

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imagination will take a fresh direction, new fears, wor-

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broken by a feeble wail that made the keeper and his assist-

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an experiment, so he gave one the medicine as had been pre-

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Clk.ndknin, Paul, First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon. Re-

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entire navy, was therefore between 31 and 32 in every 1,000 men. To show how

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of the screw, and death had occurred throughout the parts to

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plish complete decolorization. Vincent, Abel and Niclot and

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impulses are perhaps the most important impulses in physiology (as of course

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International Society of Surgery, Paris, Report of Fifth Congress of the— 681

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Meyer, J. (1910). Arbeit, kaiserl Gesundheitsamt, 34, 115.

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tebral arteries. We believe a careful examination of the

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In a few cases, not necessarily tuberculous, the effu-

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izing it from its spirituous solution, with or without the aid of animal

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nite opinion for one very important reason, viz., the

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fibre round and about the growing myoma. In like manner the

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Dr. Bishop's pai>er on "Rheumatism'* was read by the secretary'.

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liable to fresh attacks. In some, the recurrences are at long intervals, and

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80 'Conservative Operations for Renal Retention. Christian

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of an inch in width and one half inch long; each seg-

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the evidence and the so-styled results of observation were to be

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Institute, New York City, for treatment, and he escaped

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kill," is still in force, and will continue in force till the end of time.

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word Auo-fi/Ti^/a every where, in a general sense,.

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slight or great. Two ioviins— cicatricial, due to con-

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shght and undergoes resolution during convalescence. In more serious

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Dr. E. G. Eeynolds of Manchester will open one on " Peripheral

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On ballot, John G. Adams, M.D., and Jared Lindsley, M.D., of

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type. No cathartic was ordered previous to the administration

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