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and in the early years of life it is peculiarly fatal. It is most apt to

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or sypliilitic infection — the two moving causes of the

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In the chapter treating of the general physical characteristics of

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eases of the organs of special sense. 9. Diseases of metab-

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Animal Infested. — The adult infests the dog ; the

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The tincture is prepared by simply digesting the broken or powdered

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adrenalin. In a case" of lead encephalopathy, however, Menetrier found

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probe forward along the under surface of the cerebellum into the sub-

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proportion of fatal cases and of those ending in recovery. Observation does

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" Observation I. — Perforation of a Bronchial Tube.

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The gravity of resection of the knee is not greater at the present day than that

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the chill is sharp, makes a marked impression on the patient, and the

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disease occurs the relative proportions of these two

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costal spaces. Occasionally the first rib is deflected.

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and from lifting, together with the relief experienced from lying down,

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nitrate, and mouth -washes of potassium permanganate, alum, chlorine

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from dextrose in the organism. (3) The formation of lactic acid has

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that men are rarely living in a wholesome state, but are habituated to

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again, the place being near, in order to impress on his mind, as she

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442. Research in Tissue Culture. — General problems of histology are studied by

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found at the autopsy to have been suffering, in additioti to

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deals with the relationship between the vegetative nervous system

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fortable shoes — the shoe that was comfortable in the morning

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jected to a hardening process by Dr. Dunham, of the Car-

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uterus is wrapped in hot moist cloths. As a rule, it is

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is to be applied, and should the swelling of the bone extend for some

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the patients and disproved the theory of the local doc-

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third recommendation was amended to add: “except that