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throncta dura ; was dissected away from arachnoid : dura closed.

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South. Calif. Pract., Los Angeles, 1892, vii, 305-3(J9.—

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Bronstorph, E. Am. J. Derm. & Gen. Urin. Dis., 1906. X, 10.

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of this disease. The rapid and powerfully acting poison of the

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resumably due to faulty excretion, incomplete excretion of these bodies, or

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The Systematic Use of Cylinders in Making the Shadow

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of atmospheric electricity, the action of the electroscope is

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2. Topley, W. W. C., and Wilson, G. S. : Principles of

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Advertising in and sale of Agricultural Institute Bulletins. .

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of tnem ; the other five, though their symptoms were checked, remained in a

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causes. The cell or cells from which the neoplasm arises must

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Clinically one may speak of achylia gastrica where,

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pneumonic forms of phthisis. The physical signs are more

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Seventeenth Annual Congreiss., held at Rochester.^ N. Y., Monday,

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