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season. As to the latter condition no such marked cases
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frequently be seen to be elongated and to possess now two kaiyosomatic
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Blood examination: A few crescents; no ameboid organisms.
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tumor and broken petrous and mastoid portions have been re-
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by medical inspectors showed two of tliese cases to be measles and
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was much depressed by reason of the contraction of the
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circumstances could not well have been avoided, though it can usu-
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are probably sifted out from the blood by the liver, and yet it seems to
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with the forceps a hydrocephalic child, and the con-
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healthy parents — a fact which probably explains the supposed influence
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The emulsion itself is sufficiently laxative in large doses, if a light diet be strictly
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for example, as "serpiginosus," " hypertrophicus." Again,
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Haemorrhage from the larynx is seldom if ever unaccom-
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A uterus may lie in ideal anteversion, but if its move-
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is one of life or death. When people want, not to be
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length, and great loss of blood ; uterus and peritoneum of a dark green colour.
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This patient was brought to the conference and shown ; the cicatrix
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away with vicious ideas ; no one can feel that he is voicing an improper
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Any one who had studied carefully the reported cases
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enjoyed by any other missionary school in China, in that it is recog-
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sence of the excruciating and intolerable paroxysms of pain which are usually
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has been laid especially upon inflammations of the throat and also of the
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for the purpose of elucidating a theory a little different fiom his ; though