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been attached to the uterus, was black andfelid. The placen-
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is readily affected by complications, at the onset of which it usually
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the amount of milk taken. The advantage in this method is that the
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section the parts which it was desirable to eliminate were re-
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pound is, however, so difficult to purify that its analysis throws but little
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well advocated by Dr. Flint still stands prominently
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Oxytocic Effect of Lumbar Injection of Cocaine, particularly to in-
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c. Curve taken at 1.15. No additional strophanthin. The curve shows ven-
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the operation, it is to begin with similar to Csesarean section. It is only
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practice by many surgeons, no additional information upon the
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ly Rpt, 1st and 2d Qtrs, 1945, Enl Pers Br Mil Pers
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a true conception of the disease, it must be understood that, however
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uteri. A ligature was applied to effect its removal. This ligature
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accuracy the comparative cultural reactions of the species used.
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only to 96 Fahr. ; unless, indeed, as fast as the heat is
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safely conclude that a disease which could be extended
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must be given freely, while if the fever heat rises very unduly
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set up as described by Mcintosh and Fildes." The decolorization of a
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Passing to sym])tonis not directly i*eferable to the parts affected viik
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recently perfected. Horton Smith in London, and Eichardson in
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of the lesions, the aetiology of the disease, and its modes of termination, have been
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made in Surgery since the small beginnings of the old Meath,
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relapsing fever, and no doubt, also, its occurrence in an epidemic
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In presenting the class to Chancellor Porter for the conferment of the
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has been taken as a standard in establishing the 100 mark. With
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knowingly or voluntarily, increase a disturbance in the circu-
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said it, will admit the proposition, though not con-
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Dr. Richardson has devoted himself to the study of tenement houses,
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specimens of natural history, and that, in 1698, Peter the Great
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out into it. He sought the advice of a practitioner at once, who
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Dr. L. p. Blackburn has been nominated by the dominant
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adnexa. Although it has been claimed that the fallopian tubes may
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power, by reason of their short wave length and very high
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virus, or else are preexistent and are eliminated from the
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may be enhanced in post-sympathectomy patients. Use cau-
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the lemur. The duct is not contorted ; it enters the duodenum
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over the precordium. Abdomen: The liver was enlarged, being 2 in.