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A swelling was found on the back of the shoulder, and opened
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incision was very much closer to the corneal margin than
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first century: Asso of the Am Med Colleges. J of Med Educ
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state and county medical societies, specialty societies
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oxide of hydrogen, claiming that it will retard the break-
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providing medical consultations on an occasional basis
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pains in the extremities, bitter taste, fevered tongue, and feeling
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free use of his favorite drink, brandy. Suffice it to say he
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increased vascular tone, coronary artery vasoconstric-
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That this should have been the case among, the outsiders is not
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same grand object to be accomplished in the treatment of each
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disorders, strabismus, sialorrhea and sphincter tone
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The most fatal, or most rapidly fatal, is the algid form —
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This view of the nature of remittent fever indicates the
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certainly includes a considerable proportion of the cases
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appropriate population for comparison, it is now stand-
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cine, will be found interesting, as the disease of which the
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ble features," I cannot refrain from asking to be permitted
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because of the devastating nature of GBS infection,
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to be announced, Info: Dr. Donald Humphreys - 357-1340 (Kris Karbo).
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I propose now to examine, detailing my experiments which
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results being due to chance alone can be such a small
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The cliief cliaracteristics of this edema are that it
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above is deemed the most efficacious mode of treatment;
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12. The commission heard a review of several medically
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years. The monitoring functions for proficiency testing
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The last meeting of the Grievance Commission was at the
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regimen may cause less hypoglycemic episodes because
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England stock; the first members of the family in the
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and usually in this variety of chronic hypertrophic
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Rheumatoid Arthritis - New Perspectives on an Old Disease, Info: Dr. Brian T. Hurley - 357-1366 (Barbara).
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On Auricular Hei'pes Zoster, and its Treatment. By Dr. Anstie . . 198
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vessels. We have already seen that considerable masses
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expedite the cure. Of specific remedies. Dr. West has been able
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