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riably proportionate to the gravity of the lesion which

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add whites of eggs, etc. Pour into mould. To be eaten with

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cells studded with cocci in groups upon these specimens, and

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able to demonstrate the same structures with the eosinate of methylene

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death-rate of 0.06^ the former being decreased by one-half and the latter

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therefore on the assumption that the birth-rate and death-rate in that

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turned to the oculist who treated him befoie, who re-

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amount. Dyspnoea, with more or less marked suffocative symptoms, is an im-

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to two years. The present physician superintendent. Dr.

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December ist — The retaining plaster strips were again

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inch, and its inner wall covered with fasciculi, or bun-

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If the lateral position of the uterus was sufficiently marked,

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ously pushed ; not done in a half-hearted manner ; and by

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taxis. I then made forcible traction upon the testicle in the

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mentally excited soon after begin to cry violently, suffer from colic, get diar-

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Oppenheim.^ These authors first determined the catalytic activity of the

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7. Their local prevalence in the autumn is always checked by a

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of hospital case- books and papers. Before use these are

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and things he had just seen, and would sometimes find himself

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in the condition of his skin, he became disgusted and tlid nothing.

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quality and resulting in pregnancy. 8,9 HCG injection may be

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neighborhood of one of the larger joints : not in the joint, but

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or peritonitis, or hepatitis, so that a bronchial flux may induce a fatal

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excess, it hinders absorption of the gases of stronger affinity. As to this, the

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Areas of tenderness in perforation of duodenal ulcer (Fig. 26) 251

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for they contended, that in the English towns many circumstances would

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fancy, and that there is a great field for conservative work. 2.

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2. Linseed oil 8 oz., boiled ditto 10 oz., suet 8 oz., yellow

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clinch the diagnosis. Tuberculin seems an almost certain