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and the silver solution placed in the conjunctival sac either from a
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nothing better than a steamer chair can be procured
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be detected by this method. In the case of soft small bodies (by soft
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valuable, because it acts quietly and smoothly ; and in
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ires forte in the trachea at its upper part." It was the 17th of May, and
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Medical Society subcommittee on AIDS to comment on the
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ing potential of 10.000 people. Drastic need of a doc-
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Dr. Bishop's pai>er on "Rheumatism'* was read by the secretary'.
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tions at times makes the reading a little heavy though none the
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of alcohol has m some instances caused one-fourth of
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who have mitral stenosis or aortic insufficiency go about their
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temperature, which is very high from the commencement,
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Very plain diet. Drink hot salt water (teaspoonful to the pint).
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prolonged anuria produced rather a typhoid state. It was,
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sufficient air and nourishment.^ — The Therapeutic Gazette^ January 15.
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which has been named — does not in most cases cause a
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to suture the pillars together, the needle (fig. 2) armed with catgut is
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their care. The medical treatment of school children is
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foreign bodies, and jejunal or ileal intussusception.
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always best distinguished when the patient speaks in a whisper : words
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The tongue protruded between the teeth. Almost the whole skin was
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munication becomes established with the transverse colon, need not be
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by opening the window, and have the patient carefully washed daily.
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died in consequence of a severe burn. The bones are preserved.
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into their mouths endeavor to produce suffocation ; and
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healthy dogs. The animals experimented on all had the fever with the regular
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agony, and became only moderately embarrassed, the beats of
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ing ozone: 1. Ozone in a natural state is always present in the air in
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moved the left limb by cutting a short anterior and a short posterior
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which may subside so as to be entirely overlooked in winter, but
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ceased. January 7, 1896, while at a party, was suddenly seized with severe pain
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