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lepsy. Tr. M. Soc. Calif.,' 1898, xxviii, 261-207. Also:

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zides may potentiate the action ol other anbhyperlensive drugs. The elfects ol oral antico-

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corps of honorary presidents, he feels assured of the success of

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there is prolapse of the bladder, the whole anterior wall of the vagina

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roseola, all of which show^ leucocytosis. It cannot, apparently, be

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" Pvespecting this eruption," says Dr. S. " there is another point not altogether

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frequent recourse to artificial delivery has been adopted, with the

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disease which often is discovered with the ophthal-

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lipid moiety common to most gram-negative organisms—

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or brownish flakes and masses of decomposing lung-tissue. Again,

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fatal extension (anthrax in lung), or in one unfavorable (anthrax

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the others. The last one seen was in New Albany, Ind., a child prob-

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oval, or irregular white patches ; (ii.) scar-like bands ; (iii.) small

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tempting to procure abortion with extra-uterine conceptions, see ' Obstetric

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removed looks as if it were absorbed and again and again

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ascertain with accuracy the number of the flagella, we usually find four

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tion of the functional activity of the liver in this respect. The ascites

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bleeding could be found. Opening in the stomach was closed and

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they may be resumed after the papers for the evening have been

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results be or be not agreeable to us, is quite a se-

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■ illy the same as the climate of Calcutta. Dividing the

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and larynx. But it is an operation more easily accomplished, and requiring

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It is supposed, however, that a certain milky whiteness, very

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ception of intubation was undoubtedly a step in the right direction,

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nor is any statement made as to the histologic char-

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putrefactive stools. Therefore, the mere presence of aciduric colonies

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the latter being at times noticeable through the vaginal

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rounded edges, which admitted the litile finger. There

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called attention to the interesting auscultatory features

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who undertook to ascertain the cause of disease, if he had thought of

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that of observation ; and its results both in theory and in,

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thin suspension of Diplococcus " 596." Spinal fluid obtained with syringe. The

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performed, a second sore appeared on the right side

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and over tlie regions where the eruption afterward breaks out mcM

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