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I ried nearly one year ; that shortly after marriage a

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Potash, and Brandy, are, especially, to be named as having been found

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The treatment of the first class, true enuresis, did not give any result.

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is no doubt that many female troubles are born in child-bed, brought forth

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only does the history show, or has it been observed by an author

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The treatment is that of intertrigo. The liquor sodoe chlorinatse

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1412.— Pilcairn (A.) De epilepsia et couviilsione. In

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In llie event of a protuberant umbilicus, lest there may be a necessity for a

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beginning of one experiment and left to fill from the liver, concen-

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(MacNidcr: Chronic nephropathy by uranium nitrate.)

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blood would be found on his pillow in the morning which could be traced to

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and others). According to Martin, who saw a number of cases in

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apart from the presence of symptoms, in the fact that in the pathological

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tions, but yet so dissimilar in the causative lesion and

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greatly to our knowledge of childhood and adolescence.

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ment. As she was an entire stranger to me, I kept her for some

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sick. In 36 hours local sweUing is slightly less, the animal appearing better.

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pressed at the close of each full inspiration. It is thought to

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body, then an interval will appear between one of the catheter photos and the

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he considered to be heart-disease, that had been gra-

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for concluding that probably a like susceptibility to animal foods

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author as to his conclusions, and we fear that a captious and unfriendly

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cerebral medullary substance. 1. The upper surface of the corpus callosum.

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20 mg. per 100 c.c.^ The minimum normal of the McLean index' of

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even then they have recourse to the private tutors who

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ing an aggregate population of 2,200,000. They showed an in-

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creted. [Deut. Medicin. Woc^enscA., Yol. XXIV, page 405.)

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