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not even after 20 minims, and the pain lasted only a few days
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animal matter ingested into the alimentary canal. I
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the morbid change. It is very rare, however, for any other part to be
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Messes. Editors, — A poorly drained city may be fairly compared to a
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by the ticket-taker, who observed a strong smell of
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— a great army of little children are destroyed. The
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present. I am quite sure that I have saved patients by the use
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hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice, oxalic acid is
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and some Chelonians — as the Gopher — is of a light yellow colour. In the
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closely observed for hypotension, oliguria, and hyperkalemia. If oliguria
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stress on this feature as characteristic of disseminated
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calculouss pyelitis have been used to denote the affections as thus pro-
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cases in which change of climate entered into the histories. In 74 cases this
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Yes, Hippocrates knew the law, similia similibns, and at
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District Nursing. — Almost all the county associations which endeavour to supply
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to, and one of us (W. T. S.) was sent to the aid of
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during the day. Cravings for unusual articles of food, and hysterical
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phy , a mainstay of breast cancer surveillance, is of little