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reliance upon the opposite condition, when the sound will not
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tary life of the individual may postpone or prevent the full force
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children which were weighed at the British Hospital, the smallest
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had a good family history, and had no diseases of childhood.
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impure water, is dysentery, often leading to abscess of the liver.
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by year, owing to the increasing mass of knowledge vitally con-
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at times she had great pain. It was myopic^, and the ophthalmoscope
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themselves and where they may be found in enormous numbers.
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are the only ones susceptible of treatment. Although they usually
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in a single joint from the start, the greater prominence of the local symptoms,
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apparently sinking under the chloroform, it became nec-
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from various forms of infection, or very rarely from fragments of athero-
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a struggle. On opening the skull, the brain appeared healthy, both
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osseous structure, although they seem to have commenced, for
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number of girls in such houses. 4. A relative increase of the
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graduated scale is placed in position and the lamp so
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as from the wound of exit ; the latter wound, in the con-
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ject A summary of the author's views is given in the
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ation of correct principles of Dietetics and Hygiene in the belief that the preservation of
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The general prognosis in sporadic cholera is, as has been already
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ger. Work and a degree of ill health are not by any means
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have been made during the year, an average of two visits in each of the
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Misce bene, et divide in pulveres granorum x. (One to be given to
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internal organs rudimentary or absent. In one the vagina ended ju>t
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the aorta or to set up a pleurisy or a pneumonia. I
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panites may be present in septic cases, although the abdomi-
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Orthopraxy. The treatment of sensitive spines, Lovett, K. "W., 3S,
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tion was strictly antiseptic ; the wound was not touched,
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in blood-serum, + in 80 per cent. ; globulin, excess in 65 per cent. Fehling re-
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for the various ages given; keeping in view other circumstances,
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gressing very satisfactorily until they developed a pulmonary hemorrhage