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prepared drop them into jars; then cover with cold vinegar,

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while under its influence I was stung by a wasp on the face and neck.

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ally ambitious, egotistical and over-sensitive in a high degree; some

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tumour was increasing, he sent her to the surgical wards to have the distal ligature

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" Observation I. — Perforation of a Bronchial Tube.

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experimentally reproduced (Albarran). It is favourable for surgical inter-

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seat of the delayed development may be in the anterior horn cells and

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urine and much inconvenience ; they, and the hair or wool

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instead of the permanent irregularities noticMl on the

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6. FadenRR. Becker C, Lewis C. et al: Disclosure of information to patients in

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noted at certain parts, such as the central and precentral gyri, the basal

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in women under twenty -five or thirty years of age, and in men not

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on the Public Health.— Dr. L. Bremer, of St. Louis, read a

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As said before, there is never any mental clouding.

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in the early stages are so blended, as to be scarcely distinguishable from a

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mishap or fatality, but I have also examined some twenty-three cases,

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A teaspoonful dose every hour. The dose and frecjUency

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Temp. A.M., lOr, pulse 110; r.M., 102% pulse 110. '

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precise directions given as to the circumstances under

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myself likewise endeavored to excite vomiting in a rabbit by a dose of

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grammes (about 2~i, of a grain). In 7 cases he noticed a reaction,

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ing-water. One of the experimenters has swallowed a great

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sLmtudes and differences of examples of -^^^J™ °"\^^=^^V

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Lazear, and demonstrated at autopsy in the same cases in the lesions

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fibrous induration invaded the muscles and the abdominal wall as far as the

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its tissue (telas) is the seat of a degree of agony that is insup-

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of Oxford may continue to advance under his leadership along the road

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be required for some patients. Fortunately, there are

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were 21,595 out-door paupers, and 66,203 inmates of

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nerve anywhere from C6 to Tl.” 9 This pain is referred

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