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the diffusion of moisture through the atmosphere of the room. The

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of itself, but before this, from its activity, is apt to fall and become injured.

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0-Chloroacetylamino phenyl Acetate. — On adding a drop of concen-

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either by an ice-bag or by a spray of ether or chloride of ethyl, is sometimes

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a modifying effect upon the fever process." Fiehlene,

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Sailors. At first there is observed a bluish-black condition

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the east 57 times ; south-west, 64 ; south, 49 ; south-east, 86 ;

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this Act. Any such contribution shall be reimbursed

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the greatest certainty who recognizes most clearly the first cause

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The classification »f M. Richerand, with some slight modifica-

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sprinkled with a handful of salt, they should stand over

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where he harl been sentenced upon a conviction on the charge of

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1883 Woodcock, John Rostron, Darlington Court, North Road, Bath.

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23% of Hispanics— compared with only 10% of the state’s

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surgeon of the olden school insist upon sacrificing the whole

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Class. By Charles D. Meigs, M. D., etc. etc. Second edition, revised and

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tallic button or plate, and perforated shot to retain the latter in place. The

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exhibiting numerous small, round foramina, capable of admitting- the

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absent in hydrothorax. Broncho pnemnonia may be mistaken for pulmonary

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sibility to the sufferings of the sick, that he sel-

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by the fingers coming in contact with dysentery stools and

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formitv. The attitude of abduction is the weaJi attitude of muscular

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raise his arm a few inches from his side, due to action of

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followed up by the administration of emetic tartar, so as

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months afterwards. During the first four months of pregnancy I saw

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ing on expiration, occasion the sudden distention or elevation of