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admitted, the only available post was on the surgical side,
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appears on the umbilical cord earlier than the division of the epithelium.
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This paper has been of particular interest to me. I know
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on appeal these were to be referred by the executive
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pressure having been employed for forty hours altogether.
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he was removed to the cabin, it was found that " the right thigh bone was
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radial pulse-tracings, notwithstanding the enormous time and energy ex-
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it will not bear investigation, is shown by the fact that among
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He then raises his body with his hands, and throws the trunk backwards,
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Adelphi at hiilf-past Four. Tickets Eight Shillings
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ning catgut suture, and although the patient was suffering
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readily replaced into its natural position. To prevent recurrence
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in a given part of the body, because of which, as in the punctured finger, sometimes
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the patient goes, which is largely obscured, however, numerically
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That the peristaltic movement still goes on, though no longer with
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antiseptic drugs. The Brand treatment properly applied
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of acetate of ammonium, spiritus etheris nitrosi and ipe-
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pacesetter for all PSRO activity across the Nation. Physician review committees have
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these attacks the child had no disease during early infancy.
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ING. — These comprise the nostrils, chambers of the head, larnyx,
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mented resonance with change of quahty and pitch is often heard onder
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maintained. In the absence of the exercise of its elasticity
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Total precipitation from Sept. 1 1S97, to date, 7.13 inches.
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enthusiastic diuresis or use of nitrates (reducing diastolic
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on the pathological specimens in the Museum of the College
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and fascia iliaca by the iliacus intemus muscle. The ilium,
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pleasant to me to have the technic of this two-stage
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vigorous journals. One interesting fact which may be gathered from Dr. Bil-
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tion of the shadow-casting agent to the ureter. Figs. 1 and 2 demon-
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by Kramer, it is recognised as the first in any language,
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parasites in skin or clothes must be got rid of by appropriate means. The
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cians, on average, have a 50% longer work week than the
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variety of tic that we are now considering ; and it is questionable how
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Wm. Martin, surgeon, ordered before Retiring Board.
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expression, quick even to fierceness in young life, carries with it