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The meeting was then adjourned to meet in Windsor Mo. in 1903.
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It was moved and seconded that the Chair appoint a committee to draw
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awake to the great benefits which they may derive personally from their
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The nature of breast milk even when absolutely normal is such as to
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rather than relieve the majority of psychotic states
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practical training and lack of natural ability when placed in
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itary stables of the East and in Continental countries have been
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After the naming of the Association the next step was the election ot
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units 500 mg. 800 000 units Liquid 125 mg. 200 000 units and
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few days after parturition. It is due to an obstruction of the
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investigators in this field as to whether or not SRF
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I injected protargol 40 grains glycerin 2 drachms water
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fessor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
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verbal report before the Missouri Valley Veterinary Association
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Though the above history shows that strict sanitary work has
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largest veterinary hospitals in Western Pennsylvania.