Trazodone Sedation

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giving the botanical name of the " Wahoo," or « Indian arrow-wood,"
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H. A. DB WAR, M.D. Intends forming a class for the study of Dentistry, in every branch. Tbe nuin-
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of Kurdistan are 5000 to 6000 feet high; and the Himalayan seat of
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Treatment. — We have as yet no specific treatment of enteric fever.
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produced in one case experimentally, in the other by disease. A man
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this fountain may be the source of great gain to the company that shall
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continued ; and blood-letting was apt to increase and prolong the con-
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possibility of discovering its course and situation. By carefully picking
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PAET II. — The Factors in the Inflammatory Process
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attacked by it at various times ; one contracted it by assisting in the
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As a consequence of irritation two opposed processes may be mani-
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plug. It is possible that a similar thing may occur in man, more espe-
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Further, where insanity, or even an excitable nervous condition —
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to bed the patients complain of headache, generally referred to the occiput
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Dr. John P. Mann, fe ; Dr. William Turner, a highly esteemed physician, aged