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polyuria, go to show that it is of nervous origin. It is true that the

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causative condition — chronic obstruction of the bile-ducts — which have

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laboratory attempts to estimate the rate of albumin-digestion are

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contribute to psychic ease. Complications and intercurrent affections

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cinoma, malaria, syphilis, or scurvy. Strictly local causes may also

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tendoachilles was performed, and a sufficient amount of the neck

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these four surfaces a wedge of uterine tissue is removed with

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(/) Oerehral Symptoms. — These may be absent throughout. In the

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to the pubis, but attacks also the hairy region in the axilla, on the chest,

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sky, over which you must pass before you reach your destina-

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moderate emphysema the dyspnea is only apparent on going up stairs,

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deceptive. The very acute symptoms, including the fever, may disap-

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during this stage. Other late manifestations that are only occasionally

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not syphilitic in nature, very little can be done. Finally, in those cases

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for a number of years, beginning in 1894, a member of the school board.

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Handatlanten, which for scientific accuracy, pictorial beauty, cona-

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productive nephritis. This division is of etiologic and pathologic import-

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of water) are nearly always curative. Other useful remedies are carbolic

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those of salpingitis, and many cases of mistaken diagnosis have